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First impressions mean everything when it comes to representing your business in Monterey and Santa Cruz County. When customers, clients, and visitors enter your facility, the first thing they will notice is the condition of your parking lot. Don’t scare them away with hazardous potholes and unorganized, sloppy parking spaces. Instead, show them how professional your business is by impressing them with a beautiful and fully functional parking lot.

Nothing adds to a well-maintained parking lot as much as professional striping does. Clean and pristine white lines across smooth asphalt shows your clients that you care about their experience with your business from the second they arrive at your facility to the moment they drive away. A clean and well-marked parking lot effectively directs traffic safely, making any visit to your business stress-free. At Watsonville Grading & Excavation, we can stripe your parking lot from blueprints or restripe your already existing layout.

Keeping the needs of all of your customers in mind, it’s crucial to make sure that your property has all of its needed ADA upgrades. We are trained to know exactly what upgrades you need to exceed the needs of all of your clients and compliance codes.

Let us transform your parking lot, contact us today.

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